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       1. He went ahead ________ all warnings about the danger of his mission.

        A) in case of
      B) because of
      C) regardless of
      D) prior to

        2. We object ________ punishing a whole group for one person’s fault.
      A) against
      B) about
      C) to
      D) or

        3. Jack is good, kind, hard-working and intelligent; ________; I can’t speak too highly of him.
      A) as a result
      B) in a word
      C) by the way
      D) on the contrary

        4. The man to whom we handed the forms pointed out that they had not been _______ filled in.
      A) consequently
      B) regularly
      C) comprehensively
      D) properly

        5. I shall have companion in the house after all these ________ years.
      A) single
      B) sole
      C) alone
      D) lonely

        6. After a long and exhausting journey, they arrived ________.
      A) till the last
      B) at last
      C) by the end
      D) at the end

        7. None of the servants were ________ when Mr. Smith wanted to send a message.
      A) available
      B) attainable
      C) approachable
      D) applicable

        8. I can’t ________ what that object is.
      A) make up
      B) make over
      C) make out
      D) make for

        9. I want to buy a new tie to ________ this brown suit.
      A) go into
      B) go after
      C) go with
      D) go by

        10. The newest satellite can ________ a thousand telephone conversations and a colour TV program at the same time.
      A) carry
      B) extend
      C) bring
      D) take


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