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       21. What you have done is ________ the doctor’s orders.

        A) attached to
      B) responsible to
      C) resistant to
      D) contrary to

        22. They ________ in spite of the extremely difficult conditions.
      A) carried out
      B) carried off
      C) carried on
      D) carried forward

        23. My camera can be ________ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions.
      A) treated
      B) adjusted
      C) adopted
      D) remedied

        24. Children who are over-protected by their parents may become ________.
      A) hurt
      B) damaged
      C) spoiled
      D) harmed

        25. When Mr. Jones gets old, he will ________ over his business to his son.
      A) take
      B) hand
      C) think
      D) get

        26. ________ you poor record in school, we think you should study harder.
      A) In view of
      B) In charge of
      C) In spite of
      D) In case of

        27. Police have ________ to the public to come forward with any information which might help them in their inquiries.
      A) urged
      B) claimed
      C) appealed
      D) called

        28. I am sorry I ________ your glasses off the desk when I was wiping it.
      A) drew
      B) hit
      C) struck
      D) knocked

        29. Why don’t you have a night out? It would take your ________ off your worries.
      A) cares
      B) heart
      C) head
      D) mind

        30. Some hard plastics can be ________ metals in manufacturing machine parts.
      A) substituted for
      B) taken the place of
      C) replaced in
      D) given way to


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