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       51. ----- Don't forget to come to my birthday party, Mr. Wang. ----- _____.

        A. No, I don't
      B. Yes, I can't
      C. No, I won't
      D. Yes, I'm sure

        52. Tom's father, as well as his mother, _____in New York for a few more days.
      A. suggest him to stay
      B. suggested him that he should stay
      C. suggest him staying
      D. suggests he stay

        53. A new English -Chinese dictionary will soon ________ out .
      A. work
      B. come
      C. give
      D. hand

        54. As time went on, the theory she had stuck ________ correct .
      A. proved
      B. to proving
      C. to proved
      D. to prove

        55. The huge fire is reported to have _______ more than 300 people dead.
      A. remained
      B. kept
      C. left
      D. had

        56. ----- The art exhibition ______ by me _______ a GREat success .
      ----- __________ !
      A. run, promises, Congratulations
      B. made, whishes, Congratulations
      C. run, expects , Congratulation
      D. made , seems , Congratulation

        57. ----- What's wrong with the book?
      ----- One page is ________ .
      A. disappeared
      B. losing
      C. missing
      D. disappearing

        58. Before she went abroad she spent as much time as she could _____ English .
      A. practise to speak
      B. practising speaking
      C. practise speaking
      D. to practise speaking

        59. ----- Did you say you like the film TINATIC?
      ----- _______. I said it's not bad .
      A. Not exactly
      B. I don't know why
      C. You're GREat
      D. That's all right

        60. I don't think he could have done such a stupid thing last night, _______ ?
      A. do I
      B. could he
      C. has he
      D. did he


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