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       61. It was until last year hat he ________.

        A.left his home town for a new start
      B. came to realize the importance of learning English
      C. worked as an English teacher at a middle school
      D. set out to build a new house of his own

        62. A telephone call ______ him hurrying to his home town .
      A. made
      B. force
      C. sent
      D. let

        63. ----- Did you have ______ difficulty talking to the foreigner ?
      ----- No. I only could not follow him when he spoke too fast .
      A. any
      B. a
      C. some
      D. much

        64. The old lady has never ________ the house since she moved in.
      A. been away
      B. left
      C. lived
      D. stayed at

        65. ----- We're sure of winning the match.
      ----- _______. We'll meet our match.
      A. Don't be so sure
      B. So are we
      C. It's out of question
      D. I think so

        66. I have no one ______ me , for I can deal with it all by myself .
      A. help
      B. to help
      C. helped
      D. to have helped

        67. I'd ________ them to stay at home the whole day.
      A. rather
      B. better
      C. prefer
      D. aGREe

        68.He kept his head; otherwise the accident ______.
      A. would happen
      B. happened
      C. would have happened
      D. happens

        69.――"Is she older than you?"
      ――"Yes she is older than _______two years"
      A. me
      B. I for
      C. I am by
      D. me by

        70.He is _______a writer as a reporter.
      A. more
      B. rather
      C. not so much
      D. not such


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