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       71.She was so angry at all ____he was doing _____she walked out without saying a word.

        A. that, that
      B. which; that
      C. what; as
      D. that; which

        72.Every minute must be made full use of _______our lessons, for the college entrance exam is coming.
      A. going over
      B. to go over
      C. go over
      D. our going over

        73.They are going downtown ________bus instead of _______their bikes.
      A. by, by
      B. on; by
      C. by; in
      D. by; on

        74.----- How about a film tonight?
      ----- _______I haven't been to the cinema for a long time.
      A. Yes, thanks.
      B. Why not?
      C. No, go away
      D. It's a pity.

        75.----- which _______,bread or rice?
      ----- ________will do.
      A. had you better eat; Both
      B. would you like; All
      C. do you like most ; None
      D. would you rather have;

        76.----- My God! I have to walk home now, for I just missed the bus.
      ----- That's too bad. You ______it had you set out a bit earlier.
      A. should have caught.
      B. had caught
      C. would have caught.
      D. could

        77.More than one teacher _______told him it is important that he learn English well if he _______abroad.
      A. had; will go
      B. has; wants to go
      C. has; want to go
      D. have; shall go

        78.----- Do you see why he hasn't turned up yet?
      ----- Sorry, I don't know _______.
      A. what the matter is
      B. how matters stood
      C. what is the matter
      D. how is the matter

        79.----- Where's John, do you know?
      ----- Oh, _____to hospital.
      A. he's taken
      B. he'll be taken
      C. he's been taken
      D. he'll take

        80.----- _______is your English teacher?
      ----- The one in red.
      A. who
      B. which
      C. what
      D. where



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