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      it's me all right 這就是我

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      I love you,too 我也愛你

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      Do You Have a Good Memory 你的記憶力好嗎

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      Roast Pig 烤乳豬

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      Pig or Witch

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      A Jealous Wife 吃醋的妻子

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      Not Knowing Her Well 我跟她還不熟

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      A mysterious letter 一封神秘的信

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      Phone Book

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      The Weary Housewife

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      I'll never understand wome

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      An Eye-Opener

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      Respectable Boyfriend

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      Gardening Gloves

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      I can't get out

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      Let's Pretend

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      Don't You Like Any of Our Colours Today?

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      You Can Come Down Now

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      I Am Acting Like a Lady

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      A Good Solution

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      A poor man 可憐的人

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      Wood Fire 森林之火

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      Raccoons 浣熊

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      Happiness in Dream 夢中的幸福

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      I Want Her to go Nuts 我要讓她發瘋

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