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      Your Grandfather 你爺爺

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      King and Knave 國王和無賴

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      CD Player CD唱機

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      They're all drowned 他們全都淹死了

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      Gallant Effort 殷勤

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      What Was It She Wanted 她要買什么

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      I Drop my Weight From Skipping

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      Fishing 釣魚

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      Please Call

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      Class, Lass and Ass

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      Perfect Match

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      A Stingy Guy

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      Put my beard on again

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      The Grounded Conductor

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      US Highway 22

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      Safe and Sound

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      Be Careful What You Wish For

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      A Driving Debacle

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      A Private Conversation

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      Blind,Blond &amp; Ballsy

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      Napoleon Was Ill

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      Canine Complex

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      The Heaven and the Hell

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      A Way to Make Money

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      A Chimpanzee and a Norwegian

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