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      I must have somebody else's pants on

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      Who was fighting 誰在打架

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      An Interesting Answer 有趣的回答

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      Girl's Name 女孩的名字

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      What Are The Two Words 是哪兩個詞

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      He'll follow us there

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      I can go home 我可以回家了

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      I Taught the Teacher 我教老師

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      Does He Bite 它咬人嗎

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      Birthday 生日

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      I want a nightmare 想做壞夢

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      To Buy a Video 買錄像機

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      A Girl's Wish 小女孩的愿望

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      The homework

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      Lucky Mother 幸運的母親

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      All lovely except the music

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      The biggest in the world

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      Who discovered Australia

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      The climate of New Zealand

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      Imitation 模仿

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      Wrong number

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      I Just Want $100

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      Pirate's Treasure 海盜的財富

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      How do gentlemen do it

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      Thirteen States

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      Talking on the Telephone

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      Drink like a fish

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