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      開口ABC 之 電話購物的后續問題


      開口ABC 之 電話購物的后續問題

        Hi! Guys! Let's go on our date in ABC travel! Have Fun!   大家好!ABC快樂快車開動了!一起去happy吧!   First One: I'm from BEC company.   Americans often use rhythmic knocks when they arrive at a friend's door. Many people can tell who is waiting at the door just by hearing the speed, rhythm and strength of the knock on their door. But to a deliveryman, things are different. Once the door is opened, he should introduce himself immediately in case of mistake.   我來自BEC公司。老美到朋友家的時候,常常用個性化的敲門聲通知對方"老朋友來了!"僅僅通過敲門聲的頻率、節奏和強度,你就能分辨出是哪個朋友來了。但是對于一個送貨員來說,事情又不同了。門一旦被打開,他就應該立即做自我介紹,以免產生誤會。   Second One: Here is the scarf you ordered.   "Ordered" means that you already decided to buy an item and asked that it be delivered to your address. Sometimes the company will expect the customer to pay for the product before it is delivered. In any case, the delivery person will certainly appreciate and sometimes expect a delivery "tip".   這是您訂購的圍巾。"Ordered"意味著你已經決定購買某件物品,并要求它被送到你的地址來。公司有時會希望顧客在送貨之前付款。但在任何情況下,送貨員都是被感謝的對象,并有可能得到一份送貨的"小費"。   Third One: I didn'tsgroupsa GREen one, I ordered a gray one.   This is an example of why correct pronunciation is important. A large percentage of people have varying deGREes of color blindness. This handicap is passed down. Some have trouble distinguishing one color from another while others only see things in shades of gray. Most people will care about the color though, so listen carefully!   我沒訂綠色的,我訂的是灰色的。這就是發音準確的重要性的例子。很大比例的人群存在著不同程度的色盲問題,并且這是遺傳的。有些人難以把一種顏色和其他顏色區分開來;另一些人只能看到灰色形狀的東西。大多數人很在乎顏色,所以要仔細聽清楚哦!   Fourth One: Your company made a mistake.   When the wrong product is delivered because of miscommunication, the company will usually be expected to correct the mistake and sometimes even give the customer a discount because of the mistake. The details of almost all business transactions in America are written down on receipts, which are then signed by customers to avoid communication errors.   你公司弄錯了。當因為溝通有誤而送錯東西的時候,人們常常期望公司去糾正錯誤,有時候甚至要因為錯誤而給顧客一個折扣。在美國,幾乎所有商業交易的詳細過程都被寫在收據上,然后由顧客簽字,以避免溝通錯誤。   Fifth One: That drives me crazy!   Some people hate certain very specific situations or events so much that it makes them angry every time it happens. This is called a "pet peeve". If you know someone well enough you will also know their pet peeves and can avoid making them angry... at least most of the time.   簡直把我逼瘋了。有些人非常非常討厭某些特定的情況或事情,每次發生時都會使他們很惱火,這就被稱為"忌諱"。如果你非常了解某個人,你就會知道他的"忌諱"是什么,并能夠避免惹他們生氣……至少在大多數的時候應該是這樣。


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