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      It’s not easy meeting new people, especially if you feel particularly shy. It is much easier to just walk by a person and never make eye contact. This may be OK at the store, but what if you’re at a convention, a trade fair or even a local festival. That person that you just walked past could be a valuable contact. Or they could know someone you want to know. They also could be a jerk. But you’ll never know unless you put yourself out there and find out for sure.
      結識新朋友并不容易,如果你又是個害羞的人,那就更難了。直接從別人身邊經 過并避開眼神接觸要自在得多。倘若這是在商店,那倒也無所謂;但若是參加會議、商展或當地節日,可就不太好了,你剛剛經過的那個人說不定就是潛在人脈,或 許他們甚至認識你一直想結識的人,當然,他們也可能只是傻逼??墒?,除非主動跟人搭話,否則你永遠也不知道他們究竟是怎樣的人。

      Will some people reject you and not want to talk to you? Yes. But who cares? For every 10 people you talk, one or two of them could become valuable connections — or lifelong friends. What have you got to lose?
      Here are a few ways you can overcome your fear and turn strangers into new connections:

      1. Say “Hi.”
      Just say “Hi,” to someone. You’d be amazed at how quickly you get a friendly response. When I worked in restaurants, we often had rules like, “say hello within a minute of someone walking in” or “answer the phone within three rings.”
      Practice with people wherever you are – the grocery store, the bank, the farmers’ market. Just say “hello” and smile. You’ll be amazed by how many people respond.

      2. Look Approachable
      How you look and act says a lot about how people react to you. No, this doesn’t mean you have to wear a coat and tie. In fact, being in more relaxed clothing might make you seem more approachable. Your body language is key. Are slumped over, looking at the ground? Straighten up! Look ahead and make eye contact with people as you walk by, even if you don’t stop to talk.
      When someone is near you, make sure you look receptive. Don’t cross your arms over your chest. Instead, put your arms down, or behind your back, making your body look more open. Smile or at least relax your face so you don’t look tense.

      3. Assume the other person is shy
      So if you’re shy and they’re shy, how are you going to meet? Well, since you’re the one reading this article, you have the advantage and can assume the other person is too shy to say anything. So, overcome your fear and walk over to them. Talk about the weather or baseball or if they’re holding a book or magazine, ask what they’re reading. You’d be amazed at how many connections are made by simply saying, “some weather we’re having, huh?”
      如果你很害羞,對方也很害羞,相互還怎么去認識呢?既然你看到了這篇文章, 何不學學這招:假設對方太害羞,都不敢輕易開口講話。這樣,你便能戰勝恐懼,勇敢向對方走去了。你可以先談談天氣或棒球,如果對方手里拿著書或雜志,那就 問問他在讀什么。你會訝然發現,其實有時候一句簡單的“天氣真糟糕,是吧?”就能開啟一段新友誼。

      4. Practice
      Just like anything else, you can’t get good at something until you practice it. Take the opportunity, wherever you are, to talk to strangers (yes, I know what your mother said. I say the same thing to my kids). You will probably feel awkward at first. Perhaps even a little bit silly. But you will find that after a while, it becomes almost second nature to talk with people at the store or the park.
      和其他事情一樣,交朋友也需要“熟能生巧”。不管什么時候,只要有機會就請 嘗試跟陌生人搭話。(好吧,我知道你老媽告訴過你什么,因為我也跟我家小孩說過不要和陌生人說話。)剛開始你可能會覺得怪怪的,甚至有點蠢不拉幾;但過不 了多久你會發現,跟商店或公園里的陌生人攀談幾乎成了自來熟的事兒!

      5. Find common ground
      While you’re chatting with someone, pay attention to the things they seem to like — or notice where you are. If you’re at the car parts store, ask about their car interests. If you’re at the farmers’ market, ask if they have a garden. Find out if they have kids, go fishing, whatever. Most likely, you will have something to talk with this new person about.

      6. Decide if you’re interested in pursuing
      At the end of a conversation, you have to decide whether or not you want to pursue this relationship. If you do, present the person with your card or ask for theirs. Alternatively, ask for an email address or Facebook connection. Say something cheery like, “we should meet up sometime and talk more.” If you don’t want to pursue this connection, just be gracious, say “good talking to you.” And chalk up the conversation up to experience.


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