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      Useful Expressions in Hotel一

      1)Reservation.May I help you?/Can I help you?/What can I do for you? 客房預訂處。我能為您服務嗎?2)I'd like to book/reserve a room in your hotel. 我想在你們飯店訂一個房間。3)What kind/type of room do you like/prefer?We have single rooms,double rooms and suites and deluxe suites and Presidential suites. 請問你要訂哪種房間?我們旅館里有單人房 雙人房 套房 豪華套房及總統套房。4)I want to reserve a single room with shower. 我想預訂一間有淋浴的單人房間。5)Could I book a double room with bath? 我可以預訂一間有浴缸的雙人客房嗎?6)I'd like to make a reservation for a suite with both shower and bath. 我想預訂一個既帶淋浴又帶浴缸的套房。7)I'd like a room with a view. 我想要一個風景較好的房間。8)I'd prefer a quiet room. 我想要一個安靜點的房間。9)I'd like a room facing the sea/the mountains. 我喜歡朝向大海/群山的房間。10)How long do you intend to stay?/How long will you be staying? 你打算住多久?待續……


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