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      飯店交流用語歡迎和問候語:1、good morning(afternoon , evening) , sir(madam)早上(下午、晚上)好,先生(夫人)。2、How do you do?您好?。ǔ醮我娒妫〨lad to meet you .很高興見到您。3、How are you?您好嗎?Fine , Thanks . And you ?很好,謝謝。您好嗎?4、Welcome to our hotel (restaurant , shop).歡迎到我們賓館餐廳、商店)來。5、Wish you a most pleasant stay in our hotel .愿您在我們賓館過得愉快。6、I hope you will enjoy your stay with us.希望您在我們賓館過得愉快。(客人剛入店時)I hope you are enjoying your stay with us.希望您在我們賓館過得愉快。(客人在飯店逗留期間)I hope you have enjoyed your stay with us.希望您在我們賓館過得愉快。(客人離店時)7、Have a good time!祝您過得愉快!電話用語:8、**hotel , front desk . Can I help you?**飯店,前廳。您找誰?9、Sorry , I’ve dialed the wrong number .對不起,我撥錯號了。10、May I speak to your general manager?能和你們總經理說話嗎?Speaking.我就是。11、Sorry , he is not in at the moment .對不起,他現在不在。Would you like to leave a message ?您要留口信嗎?12、Pardon.對不起,請再說一遍,好嗎?I beg your pardon.對不起,請再說一遍,好嗎?祝賀語:13、Congratulations!祝賀您!14、Happy birthday!生日快樂!15、Happy new year!新年快樂!16、Merry christmas!圣誕快樂!17、Have a nice holiday!假日快樂!18、Wish you every success!祝您成功!答謝和答應語:19、Thank you (very much) .謝謝您(非常感謝)。20、Thank you for your advice (information , help)感謝您的忠告(信息、幫助)。21、It’s very kind of you .謝謝,您真客氣。22、You are welcome .不用謝。23、Not at all.不用謝。Don’t mention it .不用謝。24、It’s my pleasure .非常高興為您服務。(With pleasure.)(My pleasure.)25、I am at your service .樂意為您效勞。26、Thank you for staying in our hotel.感謝您在我們酒店下榻。27、I’m sorry .很抱歉。28、Excuse me .對不起。29、I’m sorry ,It’s my fault.很抱歉。那是我的過錯。30、Sorry to have kept you waiting .對不起,讓您久等了。31、Sorry to interrupt you .對不起,打擾您了。32、I’m sorry about this.對此表示抱歉。33、I apologize for this.我為此道歉。34、That’s all right.沒關系。35、Let’s forget it.算了吧。征詢語:36、Can(May)I help you?我能幫您什么嗎?Yes, please.好的。37、What can I do for you .我能為您干點什么?38、Is there anything I can do for you ?有什么能為您效勞的嗎?39、Just a moment , please.請稍等一下。40、May I use your phone?我能借用您的電話嗎?Certainly.當然可以。Yes, of course .當然可以。指路用語:41、Go upstairs/downstairs.上樓/下樓。42、It’s on the second (third) floor .在二(三)樓。43、Excuse me.對不起。Where is the washroom (restroom, elevator)?請問盥洗室(休息室、電梯)在哪兒?This way ,please.請這邊走Turn left /right.往左轉/右轉。45、It’s in the lobby near the main entrance.在大廳靠近大門。46、It’s in the basement at the end of the corridor.在地下室走廊盡頭。提醒用語:47、Mind/(Watch)your step.請走好。48、Please be careful.請當心。49、Please don’t leave anything behind.請別遺忘您的東西。50、Don’t worry.別擔心。51、Take it easy.放心好了。52、Please don’t smoke here.請不要在這邊抽煙。


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