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      泡蘿卜炒肉絲 :Sautéed Pork Slices with Pickled Turnip米粉排骨 :Steamed Spare Ribs with Rice Flour芽菜扣肉 :Braised Pork Slices with Bean Sprouts東坡肘子 :Braised Dongpo Pork Hock with Brown Sauce川式紅燒肉 :Braised Pork,Sichuan Style米粉肉 :Steamed Pork with Rice Flour夾沙肉 :Steamed Pork Slices with Red Bean Paste青豌豆肉丁 :Sautéed Diced Pork with GREen Peas螞蟻上樹 :Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork芹菜肉絲 :Sautéed Shredded Pork with Celery青椒肉絲 :Sautéed Shredded Pork with GREen Pepper扁豆肉絲 :Sautéed Shredded Pork and French Beans冬筍炒肉絲 :Sautéed Shredded Pork with Bamboo Shoots炸肉茄合 :Deep-Fried Eggplant with Pork Stuffing脆皮三絲卷 :Crispy Rolls of Shreded Pork, Sea Cucumber and Bamboo Shoots烤乳豬 :Roasted Suckling Pig紅燒蹄筋 :Braised Pig Tendon in Brown Sauce清蒸豬腦 :Steamed Pig Brains蛋煎豬腦 :Scrambled Eggs with Pig Brains菜遠炒排骨 :Sautéed Spare Ribs with GREens椒鹽排骨 :Crispy Spare Ribs with Spicy Salt芋頭蒸排骨 :Steamed Spare Ribs with Taro蝴蝶骨 :Braised Spare Ribs無骨排 :BBQ Spare Ribs Off the Bone辣白菜炒五花肉 :Sautéed Streaky Pork with Cabbage in Chili Sauce酒醉排骨 :Spare Ribs in Wine Sauce無骨排 :BBQ Boneless Spare Ribs香辣豬扒 :Grilled Pork with Spicy Sauce云腿芥菜膽 :Sautéed Chinese Broccoli with Ham板栗紅燒肉 :Braised Pork with Chestnuts小炒脆骨 :Sautéed Gristles酸豆角肉沫 :Sautéed Sour Beans with Minced Pork五花肉燉蘿卜皮 :Braised Streaky Pork with Turnip Peel臘肉紅菜苔 :Sautéed Preserved Pork with Red Vegetables竹筒臘肉 :Steamed Preserved Pork in Bamboo Tube鹽煎肉 :Fried Pork Slices with Salted Pepper豬肉燉粉條 :Braised Pork with Vermicelli蕓豆燜豬尾 :Braised Pigtails with French Beans干豇豆燉豬蹄 :Braised Pig Feet with Dried Cowpeas豉汁蒸排骨 :Steamed Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce蛋黃獅子頭 :Stewed Meat Ball with Egg Yolk牛肉類 BeefXO醬炒牛柳條 :Sautéed Beef Filet in XO Sauce爆炒牛肋骨 :Sautéed Beef Ribs彩椒牛柳 :Sautéed Beef Filet with Bell Peppers白灼肥牛 :Scalded Beef菜膽蠔油牛肉 :Sautéed Sliced Beef and Vegetables in Oyster Sauce菜心扒牛肉 :Grilled Beef with Shanghai GREens川北牛尾 :Braised Oxtail in Chili Sauce, Sichuan Style川汁牛柳 :Sautéed Beef Filet in Chili Sauce, Sichuan Style蔥爆肥牛 :Sautéed Beef with Scallion番茄燉牛腩 :Braised Beef Brisket with Tomato干煸牛肉絲 :Sautéed Shredded Beef in Chili Sauce干鍋黃牛肉 :Griddle Cooked Beef and Wild Mushrooms罐燜牛肉 :Stewed Beef en Casserole鍋仔辣汁煮牛筋丸 :Stewed Beef Balls with Chili Sauce鍋仔蘿卜牛腩 :Stewed Beef Brisket with Radish杭椒牛柳 :Sautéed Beef Filet with Hot GREen Pepper蠔皇滑牛肉 :Sautéed Sliced Beef in Oyster Sauce黑椒牛肋骨 :Pan-Fried Beef Ribs with Black Pepper黑椒牛柳 :Sautéed Beef Filet with Black Pepper黑椒牛柳粒 :Sautéed Diced Beef Filet with Black Pepper黑椒牛柳條 :Sautéed Beef Filet with Black Pepper黑椒牛排 :Pan-Fried Beef Steak with Black Pepper紅酒燴牛尾 :Braised Oxtail in Red Wine胡蘿卜燉牛肉 :Braised Beef with Carrots姜蔥爆牛肉 :Sautéed Sliced Beef with Onion and Ginger芥蘭扒牛柳 :Sautéed Beef Filet with Chinese Broccoli金蒜煎牛籽粒 :Pan-Fried Beef with Crispy Garlic牛腩煲 :Braised Beef Brisket en Casserole清湯牛丸腩 :Consommé of Beef Balls山藥牛肉片 :Sautéed Sliced Beef with Yam石烹肥牛 :Beef with Chili Grilled on Stone Plate時菜炒牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Seasonal Vegetable水煮牛肉 :Poached Sliced Beef in Hot Chili Oil酥皮牛柳 :Crispy Beef Filet鐵板串燒牛肉 :Sizzling Beef Kebabs鐵板木瓜牛仔骨 :Sizzling Calf Ribs with Papaya鐵板牛肉 :Sizzling Beef Steak土豆炒牛柳條 :Sautéed Beef Filet with Potatoes豌豆辣牛肉 :Sautéed Beef and GREen Peas in Spicy Sauce鮮菇炒牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Fresh Mushrooms鮮椒牛柳 :Sautéed Beef Filet with Bell Peppers豉汁牛仔骨 :Steamed Beef Ribs in Black Bean Sauce香芋黑椒炒牛柳條 :Sautéed Beef with Black Pepper and Taro香芋燴牛肉 :Braised Beef with Taro小炒臘牛肉 :Sautéed Preserved Beef with Leek and Pepper小筍燒牛肉 :Braised Beef with Bamboo Shoots洋蔥牛柳絲 :Sautéed Shredded Beef with Onion腰果牛肉粒 :Sautéed Diced Beef with Cashew Nuts中式牛柳 :Beef Filet with Tomato Sauce, Chinese Style中式牛排 :Beef Steak with Tomato Sauce, Chinese Style孜然烤牛肉 :Grilled Beef with Cumin孜然辣汁燜牛腩 :Braised Beef Brisket with Cumin家鄉小炒肉 :Sautéed Beef Filet, Country Style青豆牛肉粒 :Sautéed Diced Beef with GREen Beans豉油牛肉 :Steamed Beef in Black Bean Sauce什菜牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Mixed Vegetables魚香牛肉 :Yu-Shiang Beef (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)芥蘭牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Chinese Broccoli雪豆牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Snow Peas青椒牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Pepper and Onions陳皮牛肉 :Beef with Dried Orange Peel干燒牛肉 :Dry-Braised Shredded Beef, Sichuan Style湖南牛肉 :Beef, Hunan Style子姜牛肉 :Sautéed Shreded Beef with Ginger Shoots芝麻牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Sesame辣子牛肉 :Sautéed Beef in Hot Pepper Sauce什錦扒牛肉 :Beef Tenderloin with Mixed Vegetables紅燒牛蹄筋 :Braised Beef Tendon in Brown Sauce三彩牛肉絲 :Stir-Fried Shreded Beef with Vegetables西蘭花牛柳 :Stir-Fried Beef Filet with Broccoli鐵鍋牛柳 :Braised Beef Filet in Iron Pot白靈菇牛柳 :Stir-Fried Beef Filet with Mushrooms蘆筍牛柳 :Stir-Fried Beef Filet with GREen Asparagus豆豉牛柳 :Braised Beef Filet in Black Bean Sauce紅油牛頭 :Ox Head with Hot Chili Oil麻辣牛肚 :Spicy Ox Tripe京蔥山珍爆牛柳 :Braised Beef Filet with Scallion阿香婆石頭烤肉 :Beef BBQ with Spicy Sauce菜遠炒牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with GREens涼瓜炒牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Bitter Melon干煸牛柳絲 :Sautéed Shredded Beef檸檬牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Lemon榨菜牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Pickled Vegetable蒙古牛肉 :Sautéed Mongolian Beef椒鹽牛仔骨 :Sautéed Calf Ribs with Spicy Salt辣白菜炒牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Cabbage in Chili Sauce荔枝炒牛肉 :Sautéed Beef with Litchi野山椒牛肉絲 :Sautéed Shredded Beef with Wild Pepper尖椒香芹牛肉絲 :Sautéed Shredded Beef with Hot Pepper and Celery堂煎貴族牛肉(制作方法:黑椒汁、香草汁) :Pan-Fried Superior Steak ( with black pepper sauce / vanilla sauce)香煎紐西蘭牛仔骨 :Pan-Fried New Zealand Calf Chop沾水牛肉 :Boiled Beef牛肉燉土豆 :Braised Beef with Potatoes清蛋牛肉 :Fried Beef with Scrambled Eggs米粉牛肉 :Steamed Beef with Rice Flour咖喱蒸牛肚 :Steamed Ox Tripe with Curry芫爆散丹 :Sautéed Ox Tripe with Coriander禽蛋類 Poultry and Eggs巴蜀小炒雞 :Sautéed Chicken with Hot and GREen Pepper扒雞腿 :Grilled Chicken Legs扒芥香雞胸 :Grilled Mustard Flavored Chicken Breast白椒炒雞胗 :Sautéed Chicken Gizzards with Pepper板栗燜仔雞 :Braised Chicken with Chestnuts川味紅湯雞 :Chicken in Hot Spicy Sauce, Sichuan Style脆皮雞 :Crispy Chicken大千雞片 :Sautéed Sliced Chicken大煮干絲 :Braised Shredded Chicken with Ham and Dried Tofu當紅炸子雞 :Deep-Fried Chicken翡翠鮑脯麒麟雞 :Braised Chicken with Sliced Abalone and Ham雙冬辣雞球 :Sautéed Chicken Balls with Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots芙蓉雞片 :Sautéed Chicken Slices in Egg-White干蔥豆豉雞煲 :Stewed Chicken in Scallion and Black Bean Sauce干鍋雞 :Griddle Cooked Chicken with Pepper干鍋雞胗 :Griddle Cooked Chicken Gizzard宮保雞丁 :Kung Pao Chicken枸杞濃汁燴鳳筋 :Stewed Chicken Tendon with Chinese Wolfberry花旗參燉竹絲雞 :Braised Chicken with Ginseng雞茸豆花 :Minced Chicken Soup姜蔥霸皇雞 :Pan-Fried Chicken with Ginger and Scallion金針云耳蒸雞 :Steamed Chicken with Lily Flowers and Fungus咖喱雞 :Curry Chicken可樂鳳中翼 :Pan-Fried Chicken Wings in Coca-Cola Sauce鴻運蒸鳳爪 :Steamed Chicken Feet客家鹽扒开她的内裤戳进她的蜜匀处
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