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      Ordering Western Food 西餐點單對話

      -good evening, sir. A table for two?-Yes, by the window, please.-This way, please.-Thank you.-good evening, please take your seats, gentlemen. Here are the menus. Would you like to order an aperitif?-I'll have a Campari and soda. What about you?-A medium dry sherry, please.-Thank you. Here we are. One medium dry sherry and a Campari and soda. Are you ready to order now, gentlemen?-No, we are still looking at the menu. Maybe you should recommend something for the main course?-Certainly. The T-bone steak is very good. I would suggest that you try this.-That's a good idea. I love beef steak, I'll have the T-bone steak.-How would you like it cooked?-Medium well-And what will your vegetables be?-Mushrooms and Carrots-And what would you like for your appetizer?-I'll have hors d'oeuvres and the baked salmon.-Thank you, sir. What about you, sir?-I'll start with the hors d'oeuvres followed by sole.-What would you like to follow?-What is this Noisettes Milanese exactly?-It's lamb cooked with herbs and served with spaghetti.-That sounds very interesting, I'll try that.-Mashed, boiled or baked potato?-Mashed.-And what will your vegetable be?-Some spinach, please.-Thank you.-good Evening, gentleman! Your wine list.-Thank you. Let's see what they're got for us.-I can recommend the white Chablis, sir. It's very popular.-OK, a bottle of the Chablis. How about you, Jim?-Bring me some mineral water, please.-Certainly, sir




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