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      I Love You So Much--我是如此的愛你

      leafer 188

      No Matter What--無論怎樣

      leafer 68

      Love Of My Life--我一生的愛

      leafer 51

      You Saw Me--你深情的看著我

      leafer 103

      You Are My World--你是我的世界

      leafer 53

      My Vision Of You--我眼中的你

      leafer 75

      The Day We Met--我們相遇的日子

      leafer 70

      Thank You For Your Love

      leafer 283

      The Miracle Of You--你的奇跡

      leafer 66


      leafer 105


      leafer 38


      leafer 90

      My Love Will Reach Any Distance--我們的愛無邊

      leafer 80

      Though Were Apart--盡管我們分開

      leafer 89

      Love Comes In Many Ways

      leafer 89

      Loving The Way You Love Me

      leafer 56

      You Warm My Heart--你溫暖我的心

      leafer 340

      Need You With Me--需要你愛我

      leafer 45

      My Wonderful &amp Loving Girl

      leafer 120

      To Be Close To You Again

      leafer 23


      leafer 91


      leafer 108


      leafer 74

      The Best Surprise-最好的驚喜

      leafer 62

      Im So Sorry, Baby!

      leafer 248

      My Heart And Soul

      leafer 57

      Could This Be Real

      leafer 68

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