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      男子用漂流瓶寄家書 101年后抵達孫女手中



      Perhaps the world's oldest message in a bottle, cast into the sea near Germany 101 years ago, has been presented to the sender's granddaughter, it's been reported.


      Last month, fishermen in the Baltic Sea pulled an old beer bottle out of the water, along with their catch. Inside they found a postcard, dated 17 May 1913, from a man called Richard Platz asking for his message to be forwarded to his address in Berlin, the Local website reports.
      Local 網站報道,上個月波羅的海的漁民捕魚時在水中打撈出了一個古老的啤酒瓶。他們發現這個漂流瓶里面有一張明信片,日期寫著1913年5月17日,是一個名叫里查德·普拉茨的男子寄出的。里查德請求將這封漂流瓶信件寄送到他在柏林的地址。


      Researchers at the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg were eventually able to track down Angela Erdmann, 62, who lives in Berlin. Platz was her grandfather. She visited the museum last week and was able to hold the bottle.


      "That was a pretty moving moment," she tells German news agency dpa. "Tears rolled down my cheeks."
      “那一刻相當令人感動,” 她告訴德意志新聞社記者。“我激動得熱淚盈眶。”


      Erdmann says she never knew her mother's father, who reportedly died in 1946 when he was 54 years old. But she says the discovery of his message has inspired her to find out more about him.


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