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      At History I'm Hopeless

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      I Think My Dad is Dracula -1

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      I'm Feeling Rather Full Tonight

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      And Backed My Car into a Tree

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      Pet Shopping

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      My Senses All are Backward

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      Five Sense Nonsense

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      I Bought a Maserati

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      I Built Myself a Time Machine

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      I Bought a Pet Tomato

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      My Goldfish Took up Tennis

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      The Addlepated Glundersnedd

      admin 24

      When Larry Made Lasagna

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      Take Me Out of the Classroom

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      Mithing Tooth

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      I Have to Write a Poem

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      The Contents of My Desk

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      I Often Contradict Myself

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      This Morning is Our History Test

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      I Bought a Maserati

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      Get Up! Get Up!

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      My Book Report is Due Today

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      Swinging From the Lights

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      My Penmanship is Pretty Bad

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      Calculator, Calculator

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      My Robot Does My Homework

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