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      Why do you want this job?

      Because of the challenge and the opportunities at _________. I'm well qualified for it, and this is exactly the kind of _________________________ (此處用上適合所申請公司和崗位的好形容詞,如:competitive/creative/ proGREssive/technically oriented 等) atmosphere I've been looking for. My career goal is _____________, and this job would allow me to develop my potential further while actively participating in that kind of work.

      I've been offered a number of other opportunities; but, after evaluating those jobs and companies, I decided not to make a move. Making a job change is a major decision, a long-term commitment that I take very seriously.

      After researching the history and future plans of ___________________, meeting people who work here, and seeing the kinds of jobs there are to be done, it seems like a perfect fit!

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