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      Have you ever been responsible for the profit-and-loss statements?

      Yes, my position as _________________________ at _____________________ involved direct responsibility for the bottom line. I had the authority to make decisions that would affect the company Ps & Ls in the areas of ___________________, ____________________, and ____________________. During the time I held that position, the company realized ____________________ _____________________________________ (a XX percent increase in gross/net profit, or a similar statement; choose and rehearse language that sounds objective and uses percentages).

      I have never been directly responsible for the bottom line in the sense that management would come to me and ask me to explain why profits were not as projected or expected. However, my work has required me to keep an eye on methods that would produce efficiency and would improve the overall financial picture of the company, and I have accomplished that with success. I would welcome both the responsibility for bottom-line results and the authority to make decisions that would improve the P & L.


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