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      8 types of friends everyone loves to travel



      8 types of friends everyone loves to travel

      Travelling with your buddies is GREat, but the kind of people you choose to spend 24 hours a day, for a few days or more, with away from home is important in determining what kind of holiday you might have. From the shutterbug who’ll guarantee you an album full of stunning snapshots to the adventurous food lover, here are 8 kinds of pals anyone would be lucky to have with them on their trip:

      Some people are just blessed with a superior sense of direction: they can decipher complicated-looking maps as if they were children’s books, remember every single turn taken in a maze-like voyage to a hidden little café in the middle of town (hence being able to lead everyone safely back to the hotel as if they’d left a trail of breadcrumbs) and never, ever seem to get lost, even in a place they’re visiting for the first time. Now doesn’t that sound like someone you’d want – and need – to have with you in a foreign city?

      Unless you’ve been backpacking across the western Hemisphere for over two weeks, it’s quite pointless to deliberately suss out comfort food from home when opportunities for unique gastronomical experiences are all around you overseas. The fearless foodie will be your guide and companion in boldly going where your stomach has never gone before, and while you may not like everything you try, but it makes for way better stories than “I ate chicken rice in New York… and it definitely couldn’t compare to Singapore’s.” (No duh!)

      They may not be perfectly well-versed in the tongue of the nation you’re visiting, but you can count on them to at least try to get there. As soon as you’ve confirmed your trip to a place that speaks a different dialect, you know that your linguistics-loving pal would have bought a language self-learning book to get started, and by the week before you’re set to jet, they’ll be flaunting what they’ve picked up so far, reassuring you that if you ever need to ask for directions to the nearest toilet or pander for a discount, you’re in good company.

      They’re not afraid of meeting new people and are able to chat up strangers as if they knew each other in a previous life, and best of all, almost everyone they come in contact with seems to unwittingly be drawn to them. These valuable unicorns are GREat to have around in any situation, but especially so when you’re overseas, where you’ll be coming in contact with unfamiliar faces all day, everyday.

      Whether they’re using the latest DSLR model or the eight-megapixel camera on their smartphone, the eager shutterbug will do their best to produce lovely, upload-worthy shots that will make you sigh in fond reminiscence for years to come (as opposed to, say, someone who is content with slapping an Instagram filter on a half-heartedly captured pic).

      The thoughtful planner doesn’t just plan – they plan with everyone’s opinions and desires in mind, making sure that each individual in the travel troupe gets their fill of everything they want to do. That way, the art history buff has the Louvre to look forward to after a bout of trailing behind their shopaholic friends up and down Champs Elysées, and the adrenaline junkie is willing to endure a tame day of sightseeing because they know that the next day, it’s their turn for fun with more extreme undertakings. Voila! Everyone is happy.

      Deciding which places to check out on your holiday is an absolute breeze with this friend because before you can say “TripAdvisor”, they’ll have churned out a comprehensive list of spots to see, complete with all the must-do activities, tourist discounts and privileges, the best restaurants around the area, and the fastest and cheapest way to get there.

      THE good LISTENER
      Of course, anybody would advise you to leave gloomy thoughts and worries behind when you’re on vacation, but hey, we’re all human and such things invade our minds sometimes. And when it happens, it’s good to be assured that the person you’re travelling with will set aside some of their time to hear you voice out your concerns, and not brush you off with a “Haiyo, we’re on holiday, can you not think so much?”


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