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      How To Manage Your Anger Through Your Diet?



      Stress is closely related to anger, and where there is one, the other will follow immediately behind.

      It is imperative to one’s health and well being that one learns to control one’s stress and the anger caused by the stress, so that one is able to develop the much coveted ability to let go of everything and relax and thereby become more productive members of society.

      Anger may cause all or several of these symptoms: change in appetite, either an increase or a decrease, fatigue, breathlessness, nightmares, muscle pain, stress and the related symptoms of feelings of helplessness and vulnerability, feelings of rejection, and feeling that one is not being appreciated, general irritability and temper, being late for work regularly, neglecting one’s appearance, taking drugs of all kinds to counteract these feelings.

      Experts recommend that anger and stress can be managed relatively easily if one were to talk and share these feelings with someone, either a close friend or relative, or a counselor who would help him see the way through the tension and achieve happy results at the end.

      In addition, certain diets allow one to achieve some form of control over anger, and since this is a good way to start managing one’s anger, it would help to read these tips:

      • Avoid eating fatty foods, and instead, opt for high fiber foods that provide you with the required amount of energy to work and perform efficiently during the day. Evidence has proved that when an individual is on a high fat diet, and undergoes a lot of stress, then he may be inadvertently paving the way towards developing arteriosclerosis.
      • Eat healthy and balanced nutritious meals at least three times a day. If possible, try to include more complex carbohydrates in your diet, and remember, never skip a meal, especially never skip breakfast, which is in fact that most important meal of the day.
      • Eat plenty of fresh fruits. They will provide you with enough sweet and energy to last you through the day.
      • Eat lots of fresh GREen and leafy vegetables in whatever forms you prefer everyday.
      • Avoid eating too much of sugar in whatever form you prefer it, and instead, drink fruit juices.
      • Avoid consuming too much caffeine.
      • Drink plenty of water through the day. This will keep you fresh and hydrated at all times, and when you feel fresh, you will find it difficult to let anger control you. You will, instead, learn to control and manage your anger so that you are able to function efficiently in your workplace and at home.


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