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      My Day


                                                                                                                                       My    Day                                                                                             

                       Hello! Everone.  My name is **.I'm a student in No.2 High School.I'm in Class one ,Grade Seven. I'm twelve years old. I have a happy  day.It's very nice.

                        In the morning . I get up at half past six.Then at seven. I often have breakfast with my parents and we usually have some eggs,bread and a bottle of milk for breakfast.After breakfast . I go to school at a quarter past seven.I meet my classmates on my way to school. Then we go to school.At eight  o'clock . I have class.In the afternoon.I have lunch with my friends at school at twelve  and we always  have some fish and chicken with vegetables for  lunch。After lunch.At a quarter to five.My good friends and I go home。We can see many animals on our way home.They‘re very cute.We are all like them a lot.Then I have dinner with my parents at home at six thirty.My father and I watch TV at half past eight. In the evening.I go to bed at nine thirty.

                         My day is very happy.I have  a happy day! thanks.


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