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      1. Playing online during the workday. If you’re logged into Gmail chat all day, doing your holiday shopping online, or playing on Facebook when you should be working, it could cost you your job. Your employer has the right to monitor anything you do on your work computer, including checking your personal email. Never use your work computer for anything you don’t want your boss to know about—whether it’s job-searching, online shopping, complaining about your job, hanging out on social networking sites, or anything else.

      1. 工作時間上網。工作時間登錄Gmail聊天,網購假日促銷品,或在Facebook上交友,這樣,你的飯碗可能就危險了。監控你的工作電腦是老板的權利,查看你的個人郵 件也不為過。如果不想讓老板知道,你在網上搜索新職位,在線購物,發牢騷,逛社交網站等等,就別在工作電腦上做這些。

      2. Complaining about your boss. You never know who might be listening, and if you get a reputation as a complainer, your boss will eventually hear about it.

      2. 抱怨老板。說者無心,聽者有意,如果你經常抱怨,終有一天會傳到老板的耳朵里。

      3. Not owning up to mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time; what matters is how you handle it when you do. If you don’t accept responsibility or—worse— try to cover up that a mistake was made at all, your boss will likely be far more angry at this than at the mistake itself.

      3. 掩蓋錯誤。人無完人,犯點錯誤在所難免,可關鍵在于你處理它的方式。逃避責任,或者做得更惡劣,想方設法掩蓋錯誤,這樣做是錯上加錯,可能比錯誤本身更讓老板光火。

      4. Being preoccupied with whether something is your job or not. Protesting that something isn’t in your job description is a good way to lose the support of your boss. Job descriptions aren’t comprehensive, and most people end up doing work that doesn’t fall squarely within that job description. (That’s what “and other duties as assigned” means.) People who balk at this often end up at the top of a lay-off list. You want to make yourself more valuable to your employer, not less.


      5. Getting angry at work. It’s normal to occasionally get frustrated at work, but it crosses a line if you’re yelling, slamming doors, or snapping at people. It only takes one incident like this to get a reputation as the angry guy who no one wants to work with, and that’s a label that’s very hard to shake.

      5. 工作中耍脾氣。工作中偶爾受挫實屬正常,但是,如果你大喊大叫、摔門、或指責同事,事情就升級了。結果呢?被同事冠以過于情緒化的名聲,沒人愿意跟這樣的人共事,而且這樣的標記很難抹去。


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